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  • 2048ai

    A 2048 game, with Artificial Intelligence

  • admin-scripts

    Miscellaneous shell scripts

  • Advent of Code

    Repository for solved Advent of Code puzzles.

  • azrael

    Statistics compiler on deaths registers.

  • bluelight

    CMS powered by the Sinatra framework

  • cl2py

    Common Lisp - Python converter

  • colorcheck

    Color contrast checker for Web pages.

  • covidcurves

    Statistical study about COVID-19 time distributions.

  • euroshogi

    European shogi (Japanese chess) database

  • iterate

    Fractals drawing utility.

  • Kakuro

    A Japanese numeric crossword game.

  • kn2-solve

    Kikazu-no-Koma-Narabe puzzle solver

  • Kuroneko

    Analysis engine for abstract strategy games.

  • lobby

    Screensaver displaying a cellular automaton on an hexagonal tiling.
    Based on the problem 24 of the Advent of Code 2020

  • murmuration

    Flocking behaviour modelling for Xscreensaver

  • randscatter

    Mini Rust project

  • stopcovidwatch

    Statistics for "StopCovid" application adoption estimation.

  • worldmapdate

    Guide to figuring out the age of a world map, according to XKCD 1688

  • yame

    Yet Another MOS Emulator
    Emulator for MOS 65xx architectures.

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